Thursday, January 24, 2008

Play it Forward

I got this from Belinda Spiwak's Blog: who got it from another blog...

I will send a handmade gift and some other art goodies to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog to this entry requesting to join this ‘Play It Forward’ exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it 2-3 months. It depends on what I am working on at the time.

The only thing you have to do in return is ‘Play It Forward’ by making the same promise on your blog with a link back to me at So basically, if you comment, I’ll send you a handmade gift that I have made! Email me privately at with your full name, address, and blog link. I will reply back and confirm that you are one of the first 3 people to comment and will be "paying or playing" it forward.

So, to be clear, the first 3 people who comment on this post will get a handmade piece of art from me. In return, you must post a similar message on your blog and send out 3 handmade pieces/gifties to other artists. Good luck and have fun!

1 comment:

Linda Branch Dunn said...

I love the idea and if there's still room on your list, I'd love to get on it.