Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Art Resolutions

One look at this mess and I know I have some New Year's Resolutions to make.
1. Clean the studio. Organize. Use the cabinets and drawers I have. Use the wallboard for inspiration, which is what it was intended for. Clean up after myself (isn't that what I tell the kids all the time?)
2. Join some local arts associations. There are arts associations in all the towns and cities around me, which I've researched, and one seems more fitting to my style. So my goal is to join it, and apply to other local groups. My hope is that by doing so I will "get myself out there" both in terms of meeting other artists, and finding places to sell my work, other than online.
3. Make art every day - for a series or collection. Whether it's working on a digital collection for blank greeting cards, or textured or painted mixed media collages, I want to make pieces that work together. I've been pretty sporadic and inconsistent in the things I've done (I think because I like trying so many different techniques), but it's time to pull it all together.

These may seem pretty generic, but I have more specific goals within each larger one. I'm excited to see where the year takes me!

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