Monday, January 14, 2008

Fabric Heart Quilties

So here's what I've been doing with my sewing machine. I joined a swap in one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to (mixed media art)that involves 4" x 6" fabric quilts. This was a challenge as I really haven't worked alot with fabric, and have NEVER used a sewing machine until last week. The easy part was creating the designs, which I printed on various fabrics from Color Textiles. The hard part was putting them all together, but I think they came out pretty well, considering. The surprising part was that I found out that I love using fabric, and the sewing machine!


Nadine said...

I love the quilts very much. What do you intend to do with them? I would be interested in purchasing or bartering with you. I love fabric and I love quilts. I just happened across your blog this morning

Christine Marie said...

Thanks Nadine! These were submitted to an art swap that I unfortunately they are out of my hands! These were one of a kind little pieces made specifically for the swap, and right now I don't have any more. I do intend on making more once my current committments are finished, so definitely check back on my ETSY shop in the future!

Marta said...

They are fabulous!!

Christine Marie said...

Thanks Marta!