Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Shoe Collage

You are warned, this is a gross little story. Okay so a couple of weeks ago I left my shoes in the middle of the bedroom floor. High heels. Heard a god awful crash. Husband yells he needs my help. Gross, gross, gross. The most disgusting thing I have seen lately. My shoe took out a chunk of his foot. Like you took a spoon and scooped out a chunk. Took an Emergency room trip at midnight. This was after my daughter was sick all day. Well I warned you...hope that wasn't too bad.

Anyway, here is a more pleasant and cheerful view of a shoe! Something a bit brighter than I normally do. The purply-pink began with the crayon-batik technique Belinda has on alteredbelly.com. I have it on ETSY as a print, or card if you like.


Dharma Designs said...

As always - I LOVE your work! :-)

Christine Marie said...

Thanks! This one was fun to make.