Saturday, December 01, 2007


Some of you might remember that I took a digital printmaking class with Mary Taylor. I loved it! Now Mary is juror for a digital printmaking exhibit. I think I'll submit something. How about you? The information is below.

Booksmart Studio embraces the new digital printing technologies while holding on the old values of traditional craftsmanship, printmaking, photography, and the studio arts. The studio prides itself on blending these old values with new technology to create works that encompass both state-of-the-art printing and classic hands-on personalization. This upcoming exhibition will celebrate the combination of new technology with an enduring emphasis on fine craftsmanship and quality.

The exhibition, recognizing and celebrating innovation and talent in digital printing, will be juried by Mary Taylor- educator and award-winning vanguard of digital processes. Using an eclectic mix of found objects, handmade papers, hand coatings, and modern digital printing processes, Taylor creates fine monoprints, artist books, and mixed media digital prints. While not teaching digital printmaking workshops or managing the studio of Digital Atelier’s Dorothy Krause, Mary Taylor is advancing her own unique talent and pioneering the art of alternative digital printing processes.

Exhibition Application

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