Monday, February 23, 2009

Exhibiting this Summer

Is there such a thing as application season? I know right now it's tax season, but for artists looking to exhibit at shows this summer, it seems like all the application deadlines are here or approaching soon! 

So far I know I will be at the South End Open Market, and semi-related shows like the South End Open Studios and Baked Fresh. I just sent my application in for Twist Fair in Northampton, which I hear is fairly new, but fabulous. And there are all these other applications in front of me...

Here's one of the new pieces I've been playing with for upcoming shows.

Stay tuned!

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Carol Cooper said...

What a magnificent trio Christine, total harmony! I love the overall size you have worked with, and the colour palette is so very soothing. Best wishes on your upcoming summer season exhibitions. Let art be in the air!! :o)