Monday, December 08, 2008

So I normally try to blog about what sort of artwork I'm working on. I read other blogs where people describe what's happening in their lives, and while it's interesting, I usually don't do that. But tonight threw me a little.

This is my daughter Katie, who is 11. Earlier tonight she and her brother called me upstairs because of a "mess." The mess turned out to be blood from some sort of pillow fight. Yes, blood from a pillow fight. I am not sure how it happened, given that there was no blood on the actual pillow in question, but anyway...

I have just returned from a two hour emergency trip to the dentist during which Katie had her gums stitched back to the rest of her mouth. The dentist told me that in 35 years he has only seen one other case like hers, and that child had been hit by a car. Let me repeat, Katie wound up at the dentist because of a pillow fight.

They say most accidents happen closest to home. Last weekend our family drove home from Florida to Massachusetts in what turned out to be an excruciatingly long drive in constant rain and terrible driving conditions, and yet we made it through unscathed. Now this.

Katie is on two basketball teams, and sports is what she lives for. I am SO hoping that when we go back on Wednesday for a follow-up that she doesn't have to go in for surgery, and that she heals well in order to get back to what she loves.

Being a parent really sucks sometimes. Okay, end of my pity party.

And thanks so much to Dr. Zicherman :-)

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