Monday, December 08, 2008

Abstract Collage with Trees

Here's another digi-collage based on the gelatin prints that were so fun to make. This one incorporates a shot of trees taken last summer in Gloucester. I am loving working with these abstract images.


Vivien said...

Are you screen printing the trees onto the fabric or using an overlay or organza? These look just great! Glad to hear Katie's okay!

Christine Marie said...

Thanks Vivien. This is a digital collage. I designed it by scanning some of the gelatin prints that I made a while back and opening the scan in Photoshop. Then in Photoshop I created a new layer with a photo I took of some trees, and using blending modes and a bit of manipulation, came up with this image. I'm currently working on a series of these images that will be transferred to artist panels. Although you've given me a great print the original scan onto fabric, and the trees onto organza and overlay it? That might be interesting!