Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Evening in Paris Digital Collages

I created these digital collages from several of the pictures I took while in Paris. I loved the textures of all the old buildings and walls, the posters for various concerts and happenings, the people, the lights, you name it. I wanted to capture the spice of life, and the hazy sort of memory one has of visiting a place (real or imagined).

I prepared textured substrates on which to print these collages (very carefully, over the course of two days) but when the prints hit the substrates everything worked out wrong and for some reason I just could not get them to play well together. So frustrating, considering it is the same method I have used on several other pieces in the past.

So this post is just for me, to remember not this failed art experiment, but to come and visit my hazy memory of Paris as I have imagined it.


seth said...

These pieces are so not mistakes! Love the hazy, shadowy, textured effect.

Christine Marie said...

Thanks Seth! These are the digital files...when I tried to get them to work with the substrates I prepared, all hell broke loose. Glad you liked them! everyone, check out Seth's awesome blog with his travel journals from Greece!