Sunday, February 10, 2008


So what's happening in my studio today? Not much of anything. Sammy slipped behind the curtain to peek out at the little birds in the tree, waiting, I'm sure, for the first opportunity to lunge at them in the spring. She's definitely a hunter.
Usually I'm productive on Sundays but I've spent most of the day trying one thing or another and nothing seems to be coming together. I did happen to find two more gorgeous artist sites who will become part of my weekly blog/web visits. They are:
Hope you're all having a more productive day than I...happy Sunday.


Joanie San Chirico said...

Hi there!

Thanks for finding me and I'll add you to my blog links too. I wondered who was visiting from Peabody, I grew up in Lawrence and went to Salem State! Small world.

Enjoyed looking at your work too, of course. You've found some of my friends already too I see.

dewatobay said...

Saw your blog link on Yahoo's Inkjet Transfer group. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo - quite
serendipitous. Do you mind if i use this photo in a collage for my use only? maria in Seattle

Christine Marie said...

Thanks Maria. I love it too! I took a few shots of her and the flowers wound up in various places. Go ahead and use it in your own collage and send me a copy if you'd like! -- Chris

Linda Branch Dunn said...

The photo is so like your work: elusive and beautiful. It took me a while to realize you hadn't made it up in photoshop.

My cat is soooooo bored from all the cold. She bugs the dog, but that is not the same as prowling for hours outside. She has resorted to knocking videos off the top of the bookshelf.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

PS: I posted your photo on my blog, with compliments and a link. Hope that's ok. I should have asked first.

I love your work on etsy.