Monday, September 10, 2007

Botanical Collage

Another digital collage. Actually I made a real collage similar to this one over the weekend and will post it soon. Call me lazy, but it's in the studio and I'm too tired to go get it.
Part of the process was the same for the digital collage here, and the traditional one, and that is the layers with the face and text. In Photoshop there is a background white layer, a layer over that with text, a layer over that with a light color that I partially erased, and then the top layer of the face. For the face I used the levels adjustment to make it really contrast, then used a halftone filter to make it contrast more. All the layers except for the face were set on normal, but the face layer was set on overlay.
Further changes were made after that, but that's how I got the face and text looking the way it is.
I'll try to get off my bum tomorrow night and post the other one. After working all day at my "real" job, then carting the kids around, it's surprising to even bang this little collage out, but it seems to be an obsession!

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