Saturday, January 20, 2007

ACEO sized postcard collage

I was experimenting with various techniques this weekend. This ACEO-sized collage was made by adhering various InkAid pigment emulsions over collaged and acrylic elements. Each layer had gloss gel over it and once dried, the layers were ironed together under parchment paper to combine them.


Amanda said...

Hi Christine, I really love the way you are managing to combine inkjet imagery and mixed media - it gives your work a lovely tactile quality.
I have a question about your use of inkaid pigment emulsions. Do you mean you laid down inkjet colour on paper coated with Inkaid, or are you able to use the emuslion like a skin, separate from paper? I have just bought some Inkaid and am curious as to how people are using it.
Thank-you for sharing,

Christine Marie said...

Sometimes I paint a layer of inkaid over a collage and run it directly through the printer to get another layer. Other times, if the collage is thicker and won't fit through the printer, I do make a skin and then layer that on separately. I believe Digital Atelier, or Mary Taylor Art has good tutorials on how to make the skins. And other times, I do inkjet transfers using gel medium.