Monday, March 07, 2011

Introducing the Studios at Porter Mill!

Does anyone recognize the entryway above? It is in the old Redbrick Studio building in Beverly...soon to be dubbed the Studios at Porter Mill in the same space. I am one of the first artists to have signed a lease on studio space in the building. And I am really excited about it!!

Stealing a bit of info from the Studios at Porter Mill facebook page:
 Porter Mill was first occupied in 1895 and was associated with Beverly, Massachusetts' rich shoe industry. Through the years the building housed Decoron Plastics, Superior Hat Company, Superior Real Estate, Criterion Shoe Company, Lion Leather and Plastic and recently Porter Sewing Machine Corporation. Now, Porter Mill is home to twenty-two artist studios.
In case you're wondering why I am moving my studio (AGAIN) so soon, it's located nearer to my home, within walking distance of the ocean, with many shops and restaurants nearby. The light in the building is fantastic. Studios range in size from 115 to 375 square feet, with plenty of windows, common areas, an on-site gallery and printmaking facility. I'm really looking forward to being part of an organized creative community. With room for workshops and other programming, the possibilities for gathering and sharing here are wide open.

My particular studio is on the third floor, and while it doesn't look like much now, I have six weeks to plan for redesigning this empty room. Move in date is May 1. Check back in May for Before and After pics!

And just to show how easily excited I am, the shelf here was left in my studio and I get to keep it! Hey, extra storage is always welcome.

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