Saturday, January 02, 2010

Time to Reflect on...

What's Next...2010 (I will pronounce it "twenty-ten" as opposed to what I've heard others say "two-thousand and ten" ...that's just too long). So let me have my cup of coffee and think about this.

Are goals in order for this decade? Last year my goals were simple...more studio time (check!), get my work into galleries (check!), and license my work (still on the to-do list).

I am still keeping this simple list, but will work at it more aggressively. I now have a schedule of exhibits to submit work to on a regular basis, more gallery connections to pursue, including my own solo show in September 2010 at Galatea in the South End (check!), and a refined list of art shows to apply to, as opposed to art & craft shows. As for licensing, still a vague concept, but I have friends already doing so whose brains I will begin to pick.

Simple goals really, but lots of tasks to work at one at a time. Starting...NOW!


mimi k said...

Happy New Year Chris!

Tara Reed said...
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Tara Reed said...

Sorry about my deleted comment - for some reason if I log in with Blogger after typing it posts an old comment!

Anyway, I am an artist and I license my designs for products. I fully remember how hard it was to navigate the art licensing industry when I began. For that reason, I created a site,, where I and other experts in the field share tips & experience about the industry. This site will lead to you the many ways to learn - eBooks, free monthly calls, teleseminars, a blog, videos and more.

Just wanted you to know it is there when you are ready! Here's to a great 2010!

Tara Reed

Christine Marie said...

Wonderful info Tara, thanks for passing it along!

Anonymous said...
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