Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Historic Interpretation at the Peabody Historical Society

Historic Interpretation is a unique exhibition of new artworks inspired by historical artifacts in the Peabody Historical Society collection. I chose to interpret a concert bill from when Arthur Fiedler visited Peabody during its Centennial Celebration in 1968 (my parents remember this, but I don't). My interpretation was to celebrate the way music is being made in Peabody today, specifically the students at Accel. School of Music, who were lucky enough to perform at the Hard Rock Boston this past winter. I used several of the photos I took at that event, along with photos taken in Peabody, to create this digital collage, which was transferred to claybord and acrylic. The exhibit runs from August 15 through October 18.


Lucie Wicker Art said...

Gorgeous! How do you come up with these amazing things?!

Christine Marie said...

Thanks Lucie! Lots of trial and error, and sometimes luck!