Monday, March 30, 2009

In Love with Screenprinting

The problem with trying new things is that they can quickly become addictive and I am certain this will be the case with screenprinting on fabric.

Last weekend I attended a workshop given by Boston Handmade member and fiber artist Linda Branch Dunn at her studio at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA. The class was titled "Improv Screenprinting" and we learned how to make screens using a thermofax machine, and various ways on printing on fabric. I brought the fabric that I had previously dyed using gelatin printmaking methods, and layered over it with a screen of one of the tree photos I took at Brooksby Farm. And Linda let use some of her screens as well.

The result? I am in love with screenprinting and surface design in general. So much so that I have registered for classes with fiber artist Wen Redmond in New Hampshire. Her work is stunning (as is Linda's) and I can't wait to absorb some of her expertise.


Seth said...

Beautiful piece! Love the colors.

Kerry Hawkins said...

This is a lovely piece. The color are so soothing