Monday, November 03, 2008

TAG You're It!

OK, I've been tagged by fab photographer
Lucie Wicker.

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7 Random & Weird Facts About Chris:
  1. I love to travel, but staying in Artimino (see the beautiful Tuscan hamlet above) was so stressful because it was at the top of a ridiculously steep hairpin turning hill, I cried every time we drove up or down. Would I go back? Most definitely...with a sedative.
  2. I don't eat fish.
  3. Two of my brothers are musicians and have performed with and for some very famous people.
  4. Although I prefer not to, I am not above drinking wine from a box.
  5. I married my childhood sweetheart.
  6. My miniature daschund "Little Bit" sleeps under her own little blanket on my bed.
  7. My favorite places to visit are places where there are ALL types of people, like New York City, London and Montreal.

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