Sunday, November 11, 2007

When a collage process works like you want it to!

I've been working for a very long time trying different techniques, following other people's instructions, learning the best way to do things, and I finally found a process that works for me and incorporates the things I like, and (I think) I do best.

The base for this collage is composed of various papers (old book pages, crinkled paper bags), covered with a bit of modeling paste, then a wash of acrylics. On top of that I placed an inkjet transfer design (using Kimoto Silkjet transparencies and golden soft gel gloss). The design for the transfer came from a scan of another collage I did, and added to in Photoshop.

I'm excited that everything turned out the way I hoped! This piece, and a companion piece, is online at


This 'n That said...

I followed your link from Arttechniques. I love your work! Beautiful!

Judi Foster

Christine Marie said...

Thanks Judi!