Sunday, October 29, 2006

You Can: A 4x4 Mixed Media on Canvas

The photo of Anna makes another appearance in this mixed media collage. The background is scanned from an acrylic piece that I did, and combined with the altered cabinet card of Anna, and two other found images. Then, using an inkjet gel transfer method, the image was transferred to a gessoed canvas and is selling on ETSY ( .


Steinwaysmom said...

These are so cool...I've been doing a lot of digital scrapbooking/collage but wanted to find a way to expand into mixed media. This sound like the way to go.

Christine Marie said...

If you haven't already done so, visit the Inkjet Transfer group on Yahoo Groups. You'll find lots of inspiration on how to combine inkjet prints into more traditional artwork - over canvas or acrylic paint, combined with fabric, onto glass or metal, you name it. Good luck! -- Chris