Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Christmas Collage - Christmas Past

This is another digital collage. While I do like it, I would like to re-create this as a mixed media collage. Tomorrow the acrylics come out!


Dolly Traicoff said...

I saw your post on Claudine's Yahoo group. I really enjoy your work. Each piece is wonderful. Did you use PhotoShop? Is it daunting to learn? Keep creating and thanks for sharing.

Christine Marie said...

Hi Dolly,

Thanks! Yes, I did the collages in Photoshop (PSP). Each piece is made up of various found items that I scanned, then layered and altered. Although on the nude art piece I painted an acrylic background on canvas and then scanned it to use in PSP. As far as being daunting...I have a degree in graphic design, was a commercial designer for 8 years, and I still learn new things in PSP all the time. But don't let that stop you! LOL! I mentioned on the group that Photoshop Elements is a product that does many of the same things and is a little easier on the pocketbook -- and there are SO many tutorials out there.

I will definitely keep sharing. What I am really trying to do is learn to combine Claudine's techniques for real collage with some of the digital work I am doing. I'll definitely let everyone know when I've done so.

Thanks again. You made my morning!